E        d        u        c        a        t        i        o        n
Northeastern University
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering Technology
Boston, MA
June 1987
Graduated Cum laude - QPA 3.4/4.0
I attended NU evenings while working as an electronics technician. I attended my first year ('82) full-time and completed with a 3.75 QPA but broke.

For technical electives, I selected classes in electronic communication and optics. I wanted to know how RF communications worked, as a techician I understood the logic of digital circuits and the dynamics of power supplies.

Blue Hills Technical Institute
Associate of Science, Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Canton, MA
June 1979
Deans List awards for 3 semesters. Excelled in areas of magnetics (power conversion, motors, etc).

Professional Training
Northeastern State-of-the-Art
  • Digital Logic Simulation I (Genrad HILO HDL)
  • Digital Logic Simulation II (Genrad HILO HDL)
  • C Programming
  • Data Structures of C
  • Unix for System Programmers (Unix System Calls)
University of Massachusetts
  • Advanced Data Structures an Algorithms (Pascal)
Mentor Graphics Corporation
  • Continuum Mixed Signal
  • AutoLogic VHDL Synthesis
  • Advanced Modeling Process
  • Accusim Simulation
  • Board Station
  • System Management
  • Unix for SR10
  • Documentation and Change Control
Apollo Computer
  • System Administration
Cadence Design Systems
  • Allegro PCB Layout
Analog Design Tools
  • Advanced Analog Simulation Techniques
Mentor and HP Support
  • When defining a methodology or resolving a problem, I don't hesitate to consult with the vendor experts. My log books exceeded 200 issues.
User Group Participation
  • Presented Load Dependant Timing Paper, 96 Menelug
  • Organized and Host of '91 Spring Menelug
  • Presented Paper on my Motorola Design Release Project
  • Organized '91 International MUG Session
  • Longtime Attendee of Menelug and MUG
  • Host of Apollo Domain User Society