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Recent Technical Readings
I really like Mentor's Bold Browser and O'Reilly & Associates books for the depth of their technical content.

System and Network Administration
  • Managing NFS and NIS, Hal Stern
  • TCP/IP Network Administration, Craig Hunt
  • DNS and BIND, Paul Albitz
  • Connecting to the Internet, Susan Estrada
  • Network Administration, John VanDyk
  • UNIX Networks, Bruce Hunter
  • Modems Made Easy, David Hakaka
  • Managing Internet Information Systems, Cricket Liu
  • Getting Connected 56k and Up, Kevin Dowd
  • Managing UUCP and Usenet, Tim O'Reilly
  • Administering NIS+, Rick Ramsey
  • Sendmail, Bryan Costales
UNIX, C, Pascal, Perl and Tcl/Tk
  • UNIX C Shell, David Ennis
  • UNIX Shell Programming, Stephen Kochan
  • Advanced UNIX Programming, Marc Rochkind
  • Data Structures and C Programs, Christopher VanWyk
  • Data Structures and and Algorithms, Alfred Aho
  • C Programming Guide, Jack Purdum
  • The Spirit of C, Mullish Cooper
  • Pascal from Begin to End, Thomas Wilson
  • Learning Perl, Randal Schwartz
  • Tcl and the Tk Toolkit, John Ousterout
  • The Visual TCL Handbook, David Young
  • UNIX System Bible, Stephen Prata
  • Using Unix, David Solomon
  • Tricks of the UNIX Masters, Russel Sage
  • The Complete C Reference, Herbert Schildt
  • C Reference Manual, Samual Harbison
  • Programming Perl, Larry Wall
HP 9000 Manuals
  • How HP-UX Works, Concepts for the System Administrator
  • System Administration Tasks
  • Solving HP-UX Problems
  • Getting Started with HP GlancePlus
  • Installing and Updating HP-UX
  • Remote Access: User's Guide
  • Using Serial Line IP Protocols
  • Also read and referenced a significant amount of the HP laser Rom documentation.
  • VHDL, Doug Perry
Mentor Graphics Manuals
When supporting Mentor user's, I would read the manuals for their specific applications. This would be critical in process definition and training. Libraries and procedures must be implemented right the first time. Additionally it's most valuable to know the not-so-intuitive solutions and shortcuts at the beginning.
By easing the user's learning curve burdon and associated trial and error, the user can focus on what they do best, Design!. Pro-active support prevents the tool problems that plague schedules.
Where the manual includes both User and Reference, I would usually just read the user half and refer to the reference pages when using the command.
  • AMPLE Users Manual
  • AMPLE Reference Manual
  • Charting Users and Reference Manual
  • Common User Interface Manual
  • Component Interface Browser User's and Reference Manual
  • Continuum User's and Reference Manual
  • Converting Data and Userware (Pre-V8 to V8)
  • Customizing the Common User Interface
  • Design Architect User's Manual
  • Design Architect Reference Manual
  • Design Manager User's Manual
  • Design Viewpoint Editors User's and Reference Manual
  • DFI User's and Reference Manual
  • Digital Modeling Guide
  • ICextract Manual
  • Layout Autorouter User's Manual
  • Layout User's Manual
  • Librarian User's Manual
  • Managing a Mentor Graphics Heterogeneous Network Environment
  • Managing Mentor Graphics Software
  • PCB Package User's Manual
  • Plot Filter User's Manual
  • Properties Reference Manual
  • QuickPath User's and Reference Manual
  • Quicksim II User's Manual
  • Technology File Development Manual
  • Mentor Support Bulletin's
PC & Mac & Unix Applications
  • Inside the MS Windows 98 Registry, Gunter Born
  • Quicken, Mark Bilbo
  • FileMaker Pro, Rich Coulombre
  • Corel Xara, Corel Corp
  • Photo Paint, Corel Corp
  • Master Microsoft Office Pro, Lonnie Moseley
  • Microsoft Office Professional, Lonnie Moseley
  • Hypercard, Danny Goodman
  • FrameMaker 4, Yvonne Johnson
  • Learning GNU Emacs, Debra Cameron
Web, Graphics, Documentation
  • Java Networking and AWT API, Nataraj Nagaratnam
  • Java 1.1 Interactive Course, Laura Lemay
  • Java in a Nutshell, David Flanagan
  • Database Driven Websites, Jesse Feiler
  • Creating Killer Interactive Web Sites, Andrew Sather
  • Designing with Style Sheets, Tables, and Frames, Moly Holzschlag
  • Web Publishing with HTML, Laura Lemay
  • More Web Publishing with HTML, Laura Lemay
  • Instant Java, John Pew