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Dave's Photo Engineer

Technical Interests

  • Created all the davekenney.com documentation and graphics, java & java script, perl cgi.
  • Setup my HP735 for Internet, also managed all maintenance such as loading the OS, configuring the disks, swap space, kernel settings, printing, patches...
  • Neworked via Thinnet.
  • Built my first computer, a Heathkit H89. I custom build my pc's by purchasing individual OEM parts at local computer shows.
  • Auto repair, I've replaced valve seals, clutches, differential ring and pinion, differential spider gears, drive shaft, transmission gears, I guess I drove hard in my early days when I owned an IH Scout. Performed many major (19k jpeg) repairs along with maintenance, once fixed a power antenna that had a bad inverter in a cmos 4069. Painted cars. Restored 300zx (32k jpeg)
  • Welder, I've done a lot of gas and arc welding and cutting and also heli-arc, started welding go-carts, and progressed to work as heavy equipment welder while getting my associate degree. Once built myself a tandem axial boat trailer (14k jpeg). Here's a photo of my wood stove (17k jpeg) design with heat exchanger, during the oil embargo days.


  • White Mountain Hiking, I like hiking the NH White Mountains 4000+ foot peaks, it's something my brother Jack got me interested in. Hiking Mt. Washington's Lake of the Clouds (38k jpeg). Hiking Tuckermans Ravine (31k jpeg) checkout the lines of skiers hiking up the snow. Gorge Diving (30k jpeg), don't think I would do that dive now that I'm wiser.
  • Snow and Water Skiing (27k jpeg).
  • Scuba (27k jpeg), Grave's Light House
  • Twin Turbo Sports Car, 155 mph (16k jpeg), 280ZX ice spin (14k jpeg). And my first gocart (14k jpeg)

Dave's Photo Page - Family photos.