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Jack & Emily & Ally & Paula & Lou (96k)

Dad Jack Barb Emily Ally Wayne and Paula's new house (89k)

Steve, MJ, Sharon, Kim (90k)

Dad & Brothers & Brazil (100k)

Dobbyn & Hewitson (81k)

Pictures from Uncle Bill, Brazil and more (166k)

Dad, Jack, Dave from ComputerCam and Paula & Jack 1971 (47k)

Dad Dave Girls from ComputerCam (56k)

Fathers Day - Dad, Jacks Family & Dave from ComputerCam (68k)

Dad and the Girls 1 (86k)

Dad and the Girls 2 (88k)

Dad and the Girls 3 (94k)

Sandy and Mocha at Hale - Jan '97 (57k)

Sandy the frisbee champ - Jan '97 (114k)

Quickcam photos of Sandy (84k)

Cocoa fishing - 3 photos (29k)
Cocoa (163k)

Sandy and Mocha at 10 weeks (52k)

Dave's Vacation Condo (127k)

Paula's House for sale (Sold)

Bathrobe people and Jacks Vacation (170k)

The Hewitsons, Rusty & Paula
Lou, Meg, Kate(85k)

Duck Family Reunion (124k)

Duck Family Reunion (284k)