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Photo's from Duck

Some of Dave's photos - 12 photos (124k)

Some more of Dave's photos - 20 photos (284k) (updated 10/30/97)

Paula's Duck photos: Hewitson Web Page


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Sunday - Aug 2nd

Monday - Safari day

Tuesday - Hawaii day

Wednesday - Cartoon Character day


Friday - Aug 8th

T-Shirt Contest

From the family chat page, Catherine Kenney and Tom Brumm suggested a contest to design a reunion T-Shirt. See the chat page for the details. To include your design, mail me the artwork or email a gif. Here are the entries:

Maps of Duck ...

Map highlighting our rental locations (98k)

Dave's Duck Rental - Sandy & Mocha's Pool Party Aug 2-7 - 3 photos (208k)

Duck Rental Info:

Some previous classic Kenney photos ...

Dad & Brothers & Brazil - 4 photos (100k)

Pictures from Uncle Bill, Brazil and more - 13 photos (166k)

Hewitson/Dobbyn Family Reunion - 4 photos (81k)